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    Ballerina Description

    Wow. You’re a big girl, huh? Dress Up Game. There you go. Good as new. How’s she coin’ otherwise? Good. No coughing or fluGameslike symptoms? No. And you? Me? I take vitamin C. Everyone’s so worried about cat flu, now. Children are most at risk so we have to be extra careful. Mommies and daddies, too. You could be a host and not even know it. Lolly? How ’bout one for Dad? UmDress Up Game sure, thanks. Okay, better get goin’. Come on, sweetie. Games Thanks again. Games MmGameshmm. Be careful out there. This one’s a little hotter, it’s about ,. That’s gonna be our base, I’ll show you how fast this goes. You think that’s good? Turkey leg? Games That’s gonna be eight dollars. Games Thank you. Come back! Stop! That’s not turkey, you know. Hmm? What you’re eating. It’s not turkey. No? Well if it’s not turkey, then what is it? You really wanna know? WellDress Up Game Now you have to tell me. Emu. What? Emu. Emu? It’s a bird. Well, uhDress Up Game why don’t they just call it that? Well, would you really buy it if they did? No, I guess not. Which one’s yours?

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