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Bad Girl Dress Up

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  • Bad Girl Dress Up

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    ski lodge, Dennis went on the mother of all drinking binges, and his behavior got increasingly out of control. With The Marshal’s friends and family watching on, the decision was made for Kim to save face and to give Dennis a wide berth. In other words, Dennis blew it. The game was a great showpiece, no doubt, but their friendship, as odd as it may seem, had a lot of potential. In the long run, it really could have led to improved relations between the U.S. and North Korea. And who knows Games it might even have persuaded president Barack Obama to engage with North Korea. But Dennis’ alcoholism and sheer unpredictability got the better of him, and his dream of opening the door to North Korea may have gone up in smoke for good. He’s now back in the states. It’s over. As soon as Dennis arrived back in America, he booked himself straight into rehab Games in his own words, “too cool off.” Three weeks later, he left the clinic. Now that he’d sobered up and has had time to reflect on the trip, what did he feel about The Marshal’s no-show? Well, it’s all Games that Games that was different. They didn’t want to bring him around me ’cause I was too doing my thing, so that’s why. But I was doing Games I was, you know, drinking. I was so drunk. You know, I’m pretty sure he was like, “okay,” you know, he got to keep his image up. Okay, great. I understood that. That was cool. That was cool how he did that. I had to drink to ing get myself together. You know, it went to that far for me, as to have a drink a little bit more than I usually drink, because I just didn’t want to hear the bull, you know? But like I say, I survived it. Life goes on, and guess what, it’s a happy day. Dennis brushes over it, but is he being completely honest with himself? He cherished his relationship with Kim and knew that this was his chance to show the world what he could do. Dennis also appeared to have a real affinity with North Korea. At the start of this journey, it seemed that the D.P.R.K. And Dennis Rodman couldn’t be any more different

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