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Bad Girl Dress 3

Bad Girl Dress  3


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Bad Girl Dress 3 Description

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Bad Girl Dress 3 Agent Williams, I’d like to help you out, but the truth is we haven’t seen him in years, right? So you can go fuck yourself. That was a federal offense. Now you listen to me, you fuck. I’m gonna tear your family apart. You want to harbor a fugitive, you’re federally fucked for life. And you, Eva, you’re an accomplice. Two years minimum. Child services aren’t what they used to be. Schaeffer, take Mrs. Murphy to the car. No, no, no. Don’t. No, no, no, no. I’ll take the child. No! Baby! Baby! Let go of my son! Bring my wife back! Put my son down, you sick motherfuck! Irish, I know he’s been here. Bring my wife back. You’re gonna tell me where he is. Bring my wife back. Shh. That’s a good baby. Look at me, you sick fuck! Put my baby down! Irish, his bike’s in the garage. God damn it! Shh. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me, you sick motherfucker. Daddy’s got a dirty mouth. Let go of my son. Put my son down. Put my son down. Daddy’s gonna tell us where he is. He is, yeah. Tell me where he is. Hey. Hey, hey, hey! Let’s make a deal. Let’s make a deal. No deal. Tell me where he is. Fucking son of a bitch. Then let’s talk. Tell me where he is. Just bring my wife back. Tell me where he fucking is! Tell me where he is! Stop, stop, stop. At the lake. How much further? It’s at the base of that mountain. You sure? Yeah. Ooh! The lake’s this way. It’s over here. What are you doing? You gonna Game all right. If you guys want to be lost in the woods. This is it. It’s pretty. I’ll be over there, all right? All right. Wolf! Run! Run! Schaeffer! Shit. Wolf, freeze right there! Take the shot! Take the shot! Schaeffer, take him down! Wolf, freeze, God damn it! Schaeffer, take him fucking down! Shut the fuck up! Wolf! God damn it. Sorry, Wolf. Fuck! No! Wolf! No! Help! Stay with me, buddy. Hey, stay with me. Hey, don’t give up. Don’t go. Somebody help! Somebody fucking help! You happy? You got your man. Go fish him out. Somebody! Somebody help! When I came When I came, I came in peace I had just been released When I came, I came in peace When I prayed When I prayed each day away I hope the good Lord They’ll wash my sins away When I sing When I sing, my heart bells ring The birds, they reply And I’m part of everything When we kiss When we kiss, please don’t miss ‘Cause my lips are like my hips They swing and you might miss When I dream When I dream, I see real fates I don’t fear the future, dear I saw it in my dreams When I hurt When I hurt, I know that I’m alive It’s then my heart beats And it pumps me back to life When I go When I go, may it be in peace I’ll know at the very least When I go, I’ll go in peace.

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