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Baby Princess Best Care

Baby Princess Best Care


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Baby Princess Best Care Description

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We haven’t seen a thing. Yeah, well, we’re not going anywhere. Patience, buddy. MUSIC PLAYING WHISPERING Dad. Dad, Dad. Look. Get down, get down, get down. All right. Chamber your round. GUN CLICKS There you go. All right, take a deep breath. And when you’re ready, it’s all you. Okay. BIRD SCREECHES It’s all right. Here, give me that. It’s probably the guys from that ATV we saw. MAN: Keep walkin’. What’s going on, Dad? It’s fine, it’s nothing, all right? Just stay here, one sec. I told you. It’s in a safe place. you, that wasn’t the arrangement. I know, but there was this car at the drop. I swear, the guy inside looked right at me. Look, I panicked and took off to stash the bag. Then where where did the did you put it? Listen shouldn’t we sit on this a week or two, anyway, what with all this heat on us now? You are one motherer, you know that? you. MAN GROANS I should’ve known you’d steal it, you hillbilly. I didn’t steal it, man. The drop went bad. You want it today? I’ll take you there. You just give me my cut, and we’re through.

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