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Baby Lisi Winter Party Adventure

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  • Baby Lisi Winter Party Adventure

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    Baby Lisi Winter Party Adventure Description

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    You asking ’cause I’m black? Here we go. Look. I don’t believe it. I don’t understand. Where’s game where’s the devastation? Look at all the cars. Where are the blackouts? The fires? Is game is that a football game or something? What the hell is this? Are you seeing this? I don’t get it. What the hell is going on? It’s a ruse. Not that I’ve ever seen a country under siege, but that sure doesn’t look like one to me. Give me the phone. It’s dead. What are you doing? Getting this goddamn thing working. We’re being played. What are you doing? Getting some answers. Why is there no power here? They disconnected the navigator station when they updated the aircraft. It’s obsolete. Goddammit! Ease up, man. Who would do this to us? Who has the ability to pull this sick trick over on us? This is good news. There’s not an attack. We’re going to be okay. Yeah, it’s good news, but I just game I can’t stop asking myself a question. You mean “why?” Ra! Pocket knife. With the knife out. What are you doing? Using the planes power to charge this battery. I want to get some real news. Now we’ve got Internet. Just like we thought, no Armageddon. I’m wondering what the hell is this? What do you got? Breaking news, US Secretary of Transportation killed in traffic accident. What? Local authorities say -year-old Michael Deck was the only fatality in the one-car crash which occurred less than an hour ago on a stretch of I- south of the city. You’ve got to be kidding me. This can’t be happening. What is it? The dead man they’re talking about is the guy your co-pilot shot and killed. How could he have died in a car crash in Houston when he’s obviously up here dead with us? This make no sense. It does if you’re trying to cover up everything that’s going on up here. We’re smack in the middle of a shit storm. What the hell is going on with this operation? This is no longer an operation, Captain. Get this plane on the ground! I’m game I’m rerouting us game to Martin State Regional. They’ve got a , foot runway. Where’s Genevieve? She left a minute ago,

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