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Baby Hazel Christmas Time

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  • Baby Hazel Christmas Time

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    Baby Hazel Christmas Time Description

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    Baby Hazel Christmas Time We’re just gonna iron out some lastminute details, okay? The scope’s not for sale. We had a deal. Whoa. Whoa, what the is with the gun, man? I’m here to collect Mr. Shafer’s property. It’s not gonna happen. Look, man, you’re just gonna have to shoot me. . Are you hit? We’re done now, Danny. What? B, no, come on. B. Come on, man. Bix. Yo, stop the car. All right, I’m sorry, okay? I’m ing sorry, man. Don’t ing leave me here. I’m sorry, all right? I said I was sorry. Bix! Curtis. I knew you were alive. Can’t kill an idea. They did try, though. What about the picture? It was a fake. They were just trying to intimidate you. Once I escaped, you were their only option. Hey. I’m glad they didn’t shoot you in the head. Me too. I’m sure they’d like to. Yeah. We’ve both been changed by what’s coming through that scope. It’s put us into a new reality, but I still don’t know what it’s leading to. The transmissions, they come in bursts, each on a different frequency. So far, I can see at least six separate tracks that are all meant to fit together as one. We’ve only received five. Hey. There’s only two hours till dawn. Maybe you should take a break. No time for sleep. Whatever you say. So can we finish it? I don’t know if we can fix the scope. I tried, it almost killed me. The problem isn’t the power cell. It’s the scope itself. If the transmission comes in too hot, it just cuts the circuit. Can we control it? There’s always gonna be a risk. We only control one side of the equation. We have to do it live, then. Stripped down. None of the extra lights. Just the scope. Yeah, but you said yourself, we can’t expose ourselves. They, the DOD. They can’t stop us once it’s out there. We could do it alone. Just drive off the grid, receive the last transmission, and then upload the final track, let the Internet do the rest. No, Curtis. It needs listeners. It needs consciousness. A tree falls in the woods, and there’s no one there to hear it Live, then. Are you ready for this? Hey, still no sign of the feds or anyone from They, but there is a lot of people out there. Don’t worry, they’ll be here, even Danny. They all wanna see what happens just as much as we do. All right, so, what’s our plan of escape? Well, if this works, we won’t need one. Yeah, but what if it doesn’t? Then we’re wrong, nuts, and none of this bullshit matters. Oh, yeah, well, when you put it that way It’s almost time. This is it. Ow! Okay, buddy. Heh. Thanks. Sorry. No, it’s okay. You’re a good man, Curtis Garret. Thank you for coming. Thank you all for listening. This is not from me. This is from someplace else. This is the completion. Transmission in , nine Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one! Bix. Look Aah. Okay. You all right? Yeah. Oh, come on. Bix. We did it. You did it. The rest is up to you, Curtis. Curtis? Bix, it’s me. It’s Danny. Do you see it? I do. I see it. That’s good. Okay.

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