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Baby Hazel Christmas Adventure

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  • Baby Hazel Christmas Adventure

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    Baby Hazel Christmas Adventure Description

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    important artifacts of the Civil War. Affectionately known as Whistling Dick. Because of the terrifying sound it made when it went off and wreaked its deadly havoc. It saved our rebs time and time again. What do you call this, General? The Rammer. Let me show you how this works. You shove it in the hole. Like so. Push it down, real low as far as it will go and you pull it out real slow. Look at you, General. I’m always prepared. Oh, suckie suckie now! You know what would get me really Ala-Bam-Mee hot? What? Tell me now. Watch you mount old “Whistling Dick.” Ride it? Yeah! Yeah, like you’re old General Stonewall Jackson. Comin’ to rescue lil’ darky me from those Yankees. That’ll turn you on? Yeah! I’m not just whistlin’ Dixie. Here we go! Come on! Ride it! You like that! Yeah! Let that pretty black steel ride up your pretty pale crack. Sonofa, this is good. This is good. You like that, General? Come here, you black stallion, it’s time to light this cannon. Wait game One more thing. What? Now this right here, General, this will really turn me on. But, I’m blind. I’m blind. Yes, you are. Now give me those hands. You want my fingertips, what you gonna do with them? I want all of you, like that. That’s so sweet. Sweetie, come on. Feel that? You mine now, General. Here we go. I’m your whistling dick! I’m your little whistling dick. Whistle! Whistle like you want it, baby! Now come here you Lil’ Nappy-Headed Ho. Come on Mau-Mau! Bring it, my little Burr-Head! Come on! Here we go! Wait a minute. What in tarnation is this? This is an act of treason. You a Black Nigra ISIS? Come on! Move it! Freeze! Don’t move! Please don’t shoot! Is this the po-lice or Seal Team ? And you surprised there’s derision? If this was your neighborhood, what would you do? Look at all this weaponry. Shit looks like an invasion, not a persuasion! All this for some unarmed women of color. I think somethin’ got lost in translation! They say they come to protect and serve. But da real truth is they get the chance they’ll treat these girls like Eric

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