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Baby Hazel Best Dress

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  • Baby Hazel Best Dress

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    would you care what that traitor thinks? It is time for a new leader of the Frostwolf clan. One who has the best interests of his orcs in mind. One who appreciates Gul’Dan’s vision. His power. GROANING Come Games I will grant you the Fel. Durotan, he has poisoned the Frostwolves against Fel. Let me gather them. Bring them here. Grant me the Fel in front of them. Let them see how much stronger I become. As I said, a practical people. This is a new dawn. The time of the Horde. Be feared or be fuel. GROANING I’m sorry. Callan’s mother died in childbirth. I blamed him for it for years. I’m not gonna blame you. He was so young. In my entire life, I’ve never felt as much pain as I do now. No Games HOWLING No! MALE ORC : Move out. Go! Move! Gul’Dan does not want to waste his power on the Frostwolves. FEMALE ORC: Burn them! Take the weak, kill the strong! STRAINING MALE ORC : Get them! I’ll bathe in your blood! Maybe. But not now. I can’t give you long, but I can give you a head start. For the sake of your son, Draka. Leave. Now. MALE ORC : Kill them all! BABY CRYING MALE ORC : Burn it down! You should have trusted in your Chieftain, Orgrim Doomhammer. MALE ORC : She’s getting away! Wait for me. ARCHMAGE: Khadgar! ANTONIDAS: How dare you return here! FINDEN: Get out! I come seeking your wisdom. ANTONIDAS: There is nothing for you here now. The Guardian Medivh is unwell. What? He has been poisoned by the Fel. ARCHMAGE: What? Ridiculous! What do you know of the Dark Portal? You come back and accuse the Guardian Games What is Alodi? FINDEN: How does he know? Alodi. What is it? An entity from a time before the Kirin Tor existed. We think it served a function similar to that of the Guardian. Protector. No one beyond the Arch Council knows of its existence. And it will stay that way. For you to mention it in the same breath as the Dark Portal is too much to be mere Games Coincidence. Do I go in? I don’t know. It’s never done that before. ALODI: Khadgar Games KHADGAR: I know you. From the library. You’re Alodi? I used the

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