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Baby Goes Sick 2

Baby Goes Sick 2


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Baby Goes Sick 2 Description

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Baby Goes Sick 2 An eye witness? I’d love to know what pig claims to having seen him! Hey you! Yes, you. Why didn’t you tell me that you’re the witness? Marshal, I woke up in here. That’s a pretty bad excuse. You stick to your testimony? It was really him? Yes, I have to conform that. I have to. You abominable worm! You dirty liar! And I even gave you one of my bottles. Your guts shall explode! No offense, my friend. Come on, go! Did you hear that vulture? I’m not deaf. So? You want to get hanged? I’ll think about it. So? The execution takes place tomorrow morning. This time, Keene got rid of him. You stay here until you see him dangling in the air. We take care of the usual works. You come to the usual place tomorrow. Okay? Alright. “I’ll think about it.” “I’ll think about it!” That’s the only thing he says, this goodfornothing game who I’ve been supporting for years. He helped you quite a number of times. With Keene at large, we need more than just help. And he goes to Blackstone Hill. Considering the bounty that’s on his head game But there are armed men outside, father. What are you afraid of? Paloma, you don’t know Keene well enough. He swore revenge when I got him into jail. He won’t dare to come here. Good night. You bet he will game if I can’t persuade Arizona. Keene! We’re all here. We’re all ready. We have to wait for the sign, Scarf ace. As soon as we see the fire, which will attract the people’s attention game we have to break into the ranch and take advantage of the chaos. Fire! Fire! The repository is burning! Run! Run! Get some buckets! Come here! Let’s go, boys! On the horses! Hurry up! Someone has to guard the fence! Don’t leave the fence unguarded! No! I didn’t harm him, darling. Your father is my hen with the golden eggs. I let him live so he can earn more gold game and then I come back to take it away from him. Everything’s done, boss. Where is the gold? In the storage. This way! Who told you that, you damn bastard? Who told you that? Even I have my little secrets. Come here! If you stay with this vulture, you might waste away.

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