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Baby Dress Up Care Time

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  • Baby Dress Up Care Time

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    Baby Dress Up Care Time Description

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    Oh, well, even more difficult when she’s playing your daughter. You saw her a moment ago. You were alone together. Were we? What play is it tonight? King Lear, Sir. Madge was wrong. Yes, well, she often is. I have been ill before this. Did you ever see me in The Corsican Brothers? Ah, no. Alas, sir, before my time. I went on with double pneumonia then. Apt when you’re playing the Corsican brothers. I’d rather have double pneumonia than this. Than what? What prevents me from packing up and going home? Why am I here when I should be asleep? Wasn’t that a strange light in Market Square this evening? I don’t remember being in Market Square. You’ve been missing whole days. What do you remember? Walking, walking, walking. If only I could find a good, catchy title. I think My Life a little plain, don’t you? Still stuck, are we? No, no. I wrote a little today. Two or three sides of an exercise book. But I can’t find a title. Oh, well, we’ll think of something. See if it’s still in my jacket. And my reading glasses. I thought I had written today. No, well, you’ll not see much through those. Well, look for me. Is there anything? Evidently not. It cannot be Lear again. Shall we start our make-up? I’m getting out of here. I’m not staying in this place a moment longer. I am surrounded by vipers, betrayal on every side. I am being crushed, the lifeblood is draining out of me. The load is too much. Norman, Norman, if you have any regard for me, don’t listen to him. Who? Who? More, more, more, I cannot give any more. I have nothing more to give. I want a tranquil senility. I’m an old man. I don’t want to go on painting my face night after night after night, dressing up in clothes that are not my own, I’m not a child dressing up for charades. This is my work, this is my life’s work, I’m an actor. Who cares if I go out there tonight or any other night and shorten my life? Shorten my life game I don’t care if there’s only three people out front, or if the audience laughs when they shouldn’t, or don’t when they should, one person,

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