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Awesome The Avatar Couple Dress up

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  • Awesome The Avatar Couple Dress up

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    Why are they burned? Are muffins supposed to break easily like this? This looks much tastier than the last one. Today, I’ll become game a romantic guy game just for Joy. What is that? These are the magical jellies. Joy! This is my heart for you. I picked it up on the street. Seong Jae will show a dynamic transformation. Can I use this now? You’ll be so surprised like this game if that balloon bursts. We’re not responsible for his transformation. Why? Why don’t you know? Joy. I want to dive into your pretty eyes and swim there. Be cautious about the side effects of the magical jellies. Oh gosh. A rare couple is coming with lots of fun guaranteed. I’m getting married soon. Thank you MBC. I wonder how I’ll manage my marriage life. Who will my husband be? He’s big. Oh, my goodness. Is this true? Do I have to love you? What is this? Cut it. Be brave. No. I can’t. Gosh, be a man! No way! This is a wifi signal. I’ll always know where you are. Jun Hyun Moo. Why Jun Hyun Moo? What about Sae Ho? Wow. My goodness. Which room do you want to use? Don’t we have to share a room? What are you talking about? Smile brighter! Do I have to love you? Groom Cho Sae Ho and Bride Cao Lu “Press Your Number” by TAEMIN See more @ Till you give your heart away! Dominating today was done by Irene. She’s the kind of person that can sing in a stadium without a microphone, and you can hear her still. But Lydia, she has it in her. She knows she has it. But I want her to, like, fight for it. I felt like I didn’t really know the song and I couldn’t give it my all. Irene was, like, going for it and I wasn’t. I was just standing there like game “Pff, I don’t know what I’m doing.” Do you know what I mean? I just didn’t know what I was doing. How do you feel? At the moment, I’m just a bit like game All over the place. For the first time that you guys are singing it, you guys sound magical. Lydia has to light it up, so, when she leaves, she’s like, “I lit it up.” Get it? Lydia. Boom! She lit it up. BELL RINGS

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