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Autumn Fashions

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  • Autumn Fashions

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    Overlapping shouts Grunts, screams We’re pinning the future of our lab on wild beasts. They’re not beasts. They have feelings, they have families. Males pee standing up, females pee sitting down. These apes are just like you. And me… you and me, blacks and whites. More like whites, of course. We whites are a lighter shade of ape whereas you are bla… dder infection, we’re all at risk. So, what were we talking about again? Vaginas. Shut up. Yes, of course. Caesar has got to show some human intelligence at that board meeting… Caesar’s probably smarter than half of those board members. Dan… I know what you’re going to say. “If he’s so smart, why is he in a cage?” You’re in the cage. Bass guitar playing What? Oh, you’re looking for this? Uhhuh. It’s my ballerina doll. You made this? Mama did, using twigs, moss, spiderwebs, sparrow bones, lizard eyes, all held together with rat droppings. Oh, geez. Electricity surging Screams Bass notes playing Vocalizing Screams Ah, ah, ah. What… what are you doing? I just can’t deal with these kids. They’re creepy. We should just take ’em back. Maybe you guys just need to find some common ground. What about that ballerina doll Kathy’s always playing with? I don’t want to talk about the ballet. I saw what the ballet did to my mom. She became obsessed. She even danced the swan while she was pregnant with me. Classical music plays Boo, ray, boo! Shh! Shh. Hell. You better sit back before I punch you in your damn throat. We’re trying to enjoy the show. You go on… shh… shh me again. I doubledog dare you, hell. Better ask somebody who I am. Audience exclaims Gasps Tuba plays note Audience exclaiming Whoa! Audience booing Tuba squawks Man Got it. Mom was never the same. That’s unlikely to ever happen again, ever. Just give it a shot. Look what I found earlier. I mean, I know it’s just a local production. But could be something for you and Kathy to talk about, could be fun. You really think so? Yes. Well,

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