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Autumn Cute Gold

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  • Autumn Cute Gold

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    Autumn Cute Gold game to your sense of responsibility, the negotiations have been fruitful. We’d like to draw your attention to the fact that certain irresponsible elements game with their subversive actions, risk giving the police an excuse to intervene. Be careful, comrades! You must pronounce yourselves in favor as soon as possible by a vote game which will indicate that you refuse to follow this adventurist path that can but harm the workers’ cause. We suggest that this vote, in order to respect the democratic rules, take the form of a secret ballot! Absolutely! All right! He’s right! Look, this is what I think of your card. Girls, Boursac is up there! Your flunkeys have just been kicked out. What’s all this? Get out of my office! You’ll stay until you give in. It’ll give you time to think. I’ve nothing to add to my latest proposals. You’re going to stay here with us. Hold on, girls. We can’t leave him here. No one can see him. Let’s put him in the glass cage. He’s going around in circles. He’s getting annoyed. He’s smoking, putting on airs. He’s getting wild in there. He’s having a ball. Makes a change! He’s enjoying going around in circles. It’s funny, he doesn’t look happy at all. “Boss! Telephone!” “A stupid jerk has picked it up!” Hello, Boursac. Have you had a think? The bastard hung up! You’d love a ciggy, wouldn’t you? Do you have any cigarettes? Are you mad? We’re not allowed to smoke in the workshops! Give him one anyway! Oh, he’s like a snappy little dog. We’re not allowed to smoke. Serves him right! Do we smoke when we work? Hostagetaking at Boursac Boursac taken hostage by his workers Strike at Boursac factories spreading Could I have a drink? Sir wants a drink. What shall we give him? Shall we give him something? A Cinzano? A little pastis on the rocks. Bourbon with salt. A small whisky. A mint tea! There you go! He’s spineless, this man! Please! You’re supposed to say please. I’ve eaten well, I’ve had a drink My belly is full Thank you, Infant Jesus I’ve eaten well, I’ve had a drink My belly is full Thank you,

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