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Autumn Clothing Style

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  • Autumn Clothing Style

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    Autumn Clothing Style Description

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    Autumn Clothing Style You want Ceddy, baby? Coco, did I ever tell you that I love a woman in uniform? Did I tell you I love a woman without a uniform? Go, Coco! Dom. You all right? Yeah, I’m good. You been really down since dinner. Seriously, what’s up, man? Stop babysitting your drink, Dom. I’m fine, I’m fine. Oh, yes, you are fine. I think she likes you. No, Dom, we can see when the wheels are turning, man. Come on, outwith it. Chef Cotillard offered me a job. What did he say? The Chef offered him a gig. That’s huge, Dom! That’s a celebration right there. Especially if I take it. Why wouldn’t you take it? It’s in Vegas. Lauren and I live in LA. This is a pattern with him. It’s called the Dom Syndrome. It’s called, he’s officially her . That, too. What are you all talking about? We talking about the fact that she dumped you, and you took her back! I know what I want. Stop! So, now you telling me you gonna give up the job of your dreams, the job that could make you, for that woman? For the woman. Spoken like a true Game Do not say it again. It’s actually kinda romantic. You swimming in the KoolAid. What good is a dream job if he’s gonna be miserable? Let me ask you a question. Do you all synchronize your cycles? There’s an app for that, and I’m serious. But wait, I got one question, then I’ma back off. Do you honestly believe that she would do the same for you? Wait a minute! Good question, Zeke. How do you do it? Tell me. Can we have Coco to the main stage? Let me help you down. Jesus. Excuse me, Coco. Thank you for the dancing. It’s show time. My frat brothers, Isaac and Terrell? They just showed up. There they go! What’s up, man? I’m Cedric. I’m the best man with the plan. What’s up, baby? Ced, it’s not them. There they go! Birds of a feather all flock together. What fraternity did Mike pledge? Abercrombie and Fitch Epsilon. This is Isaac and this is Terrell. What kinda white woman names her son Terrell? I’m just messing with you! Chain him up! Get it on. Guys, guys, guys! Why didn’t you think of that, Zeke? Probably because black

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