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Autumn Beauty

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  • Autumn Beauty

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    next year I want everything I never had to go on my kids to let them know the benefits of a nice life and what it’s all about The posh ones Dress Up Games “oh yes oh yes oh yes!” they’re nuts! just have to touch them Yeah they can get what they want can’t they if you’ve got to work for it and if it’s them they just ask for money and get it and buy what they want I’ve learnt through driving a cab that people are individuals, whatever they are upperclass or middle class or as in my case an eastender but I’m only glad I found out the difference at an early age so I can judge people on what they are rather than who they are I’m not a politician so let them worry about what’s coming for the next day all I understand is dogs, prices, girls, knowledge, roads, streets, squares and mum and dad and love that’s all I understand that’s all I want to understand Five to one Cooladine Four and a half fifties four and a half fifties At twenty Dress Up Games one he was earning a bit extra as a bookies runner at Hackney Wick What do they call you hear I reckon a pest or something like that! I don’t mean to make a nuisance of myself I mean it’s for the other patrons of the place they wouldn’t want to see a little boy running between their feet putting a bet on for someone you understand? they think “what’s he doing? is he mad?” I mean, I walk up there and order the teas there could be eight people infront of me and I just go “can I have a tea please” five times tea please! tea please! and they’ve got to serve me before them to get rid of me so that’s how you’ve got to do it I’m in two golf societies and each month all the members meet to play a game of golf Dress Up Games Oh! Dress Up Games Two below! and who are the guys you play with? Well they’re mostly bar owners or taxi drivers we always end up having a small bet Do you like the whole social side of it? Only with my mates because on a golf course you get lots of posh types

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