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Autumn Beauty Adventure

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  • Autumn Beauty Adventure

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    Autumn Beauty Adventure Description

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    These females say this gonna stop the gangs. Ain’t this a Blip! “Silly Rabbits on a Stone Cold Trip!” I told Sugar Pie before I left the house. Apollo ain’t no goddamn mouse. She don’t wanna give it up. I’ll find me some brand new fresh ass butt! Too much ass for all that trash. Hey, ain’t y’all heard, the phone women, they honorin’ the strike. And the o, all closin’ the nookie, I mean not even a in’ lookie. Fellas they shuttin’ it all down tighter than fish . And you know that shit’s waterproof. What you got to say, Oedipus? Well, I asked my mommie last night and she said, “The women are right.” Your mommie? Yes. Light skinny nigga, sometimes I think you married to your damn mommie. Well, I love my mother and my mommie loves me. Gentlemen, I am proud to say I was breastfed until I was years old. TMI! I hear some straight dudes been making late night appearances on “Queer For The Straight Guy.” Yeah, and the brothers on the down low. Even they sayin’ “No blow.” Nigga, what you say? How I know that? I don’t know. Well, at my age, I thought my Misses was just a pest. But Lord have mercy, she’s a ual terrorist! And who do we have to blame? Oprah? Women’s Lib? Uppity ass women? Let’s give them frails a dose of their own damn tails. We’ll let them twilly tarts know, who makes em’ groan and moan and hoot! And brings home the damn loot! So what we gonna do, Old Duke? We took dose flags once, we can take em’ again. Pointdexter is old but he can still go! You sayin’ do it ourselves? That’s the plan, Stan. Unless you always want to have that in your greasy old hand. Knights Of Euphrates, rise up! Like the battles of the past, we shall come together to whoop some female ass. Let us not stand for their flappin’ lips, nor their chronic naggin’ bullshit. Are we mice or men? Men! We shall redeem the power of our breed with one mighty thrust into the misty mist and the dusky dusk. What makes a muskrat guard his musk? Courage! What makes the Sphinx the th wonder? Courage! What makes the dawn come up like thunder? Courage! What makes Venus Hottentot so hot?

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