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August Models Girl

August Models Girl


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August Models Girl Description

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Then there was Cora Watson. Shedidn’t havea penny, but was killed. How do you think that happened? I’m not so sureabout that one. But how could you let that vulture, that Bird, get away, Chief? Why not? I watched him go into the house minutes before. I observed him. Oh well, if thoseare your tricks. Yes. We may need this Bird soon. By the way, are you goingto be needing me this evening? I’m supposed to go off duty now anyway and I’ve got to meet someone. We both have to meet someone. Ah, Mr Bird, I didn’t realize you werea connoisseur to finearts. You mind your own bloody business. You take photos for the family album? Or do you havecustomers for nude photos? Ah, your current job isn’t paying enough? You know a better one? Why, sure. You must still have that key. What key is that? The policeare lookingall over for it. Her last guest must have let himself in. I never had a key. You didn’t? Wait a minute Game Well? One time, when she was plastered shestarted rattlingabout a dead man, about her great loveand about a key. I’m not quitesure what she meant by that. Are you certain of that? Think it over very carefully. Try to remember. Donald! Could be that after his death his brother Henry got the key. That would have been a chance Game For blackmail. Is that what you mean? Not so fast. You just stay right where you areand finish your drink. Remember: You’reon parole, so you’d better cool it. All I need for you is to spoil a game for me. Why so nervous, baby? Now, Sugar! I’ve told you timeand again I’m sick of thesedisturbances! The policeare lookingfor the man who’s got the key to Cora Watson’s apartment. Now you’ll have to decide whether you prefer beingannoyed by me Game or by the boys at the homicidedepartment. Calm down now, Sugar. Not so hasty. It looks like you’ve got yourself into a bit of trouble, huh? Now, can’t we talk this over quietly? Let me makea suggestion. Why don’t you comearound this evening? Wecan meet in my office. Masks and costume hire What? Here? I brought Mr Stuart here many times. Alright, wait for me.

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