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Auburn fashion

Auburn fashion


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Am I right? Sometimes a day can be an eternity. Particularly if you’re in the company of a man who backs into a parking space. It’s a good place to come and study. There’s actually a floor upstairs that you’re required to be quiet. These tours are like a first date. She’s smart. She’s pretty. She smells good. Maybe you’ll try to stick your hand up her shirt. Shh! My favorite is “Cat Fancy” and “Dog Fancy,” “House and Garden,” “Botanist’s Weekly,” “Architectural Digest” Games a whole array of stuff. A lot of good magazines here. I’m just always trying to keep up. Now, this is pretty exciting Games currently we have on loan from the British Library a manuscript from renowned poet and author Charles Dodgson. Now, Dodgson didn’t write under his real name. Lewis Carroll. Very good. Very nice. Um, Carroll’s masterwork “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” Games that’s gonna be here till the end of the month, so we’re very excited. Excuse me. I find it extraordinary that Lewis Carroll’s masterwork would be available to such a small college. I think it’s incredible. I do. But, you know, a lot of really cool stuff happens here. Um, this past weekend Snatches of Pink played a free concert on the quad. Ah Justin. Hmm? On a scale of one to , could you rate the effect on your life respectively of the visiting manuscript versus the Snatches of Pink concert? The Snatches were tight. The Snatches were tight, George. So let’s Games Tight. Hey, let’s float on over to this residence hall. Ooh, speaking of floating Games I know what that means. Just up the stairs and, ironically, it’s just past the Ps. All righty, so come on. This dorm we’re gonna go see Games it’s actually named after the fourth of Middleton’s seven illegitimate children. Osborne. You’re killing it. You’re on fire. Game She’s the one to beat, you guys. Uh Game oh. Seven children from seven women Games hey, Middleton was no Moby Dick. Hey. Hey. I am on fire >right now. This woman’s driving me crazy Games completely loony. You look very handsome.

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