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Athlete Girl Dress Up

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  • Athlete Girl Dress Up

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    Athlete Girl Dress Up Description

    What? Stop grabbing my foot! Shut up! I didn’t do anything! Yeah right! Stop farting! It really stinks! Don’t blame that on me, it’s you. Dad! Andrea, what are you doing out of bed? What’s that sound? It’s Cindy. She’s in my room. She sleepwalking again. I’ve never seen her do this before. I remember you saying not to wake her if she’s like this or.. No, we’re just put her back to bed. Hey, hey, sweetie! Let’s go back to bed. She’s okay. Good night. Night. She sleepwalking again? She hasn’t done that for a while. She ended up in Andrea’s room, it freaked her out. That’s not good. Athlete Girl Dress Up What are we gonna do? Oh, no, honey. You get another bruise here. Is that hurt? It’s weird! Oh no. You do me a favor, go see a doctor for that? Yeah, I will. Drive safe. Yeah. I love you. I love you, too. Bye, love you! Dress Up Games You have your lunch? Yeah. Yes. I do. I miss Sadie a lot. She was my best friend. You’re my friend, right? Yeah, let’s play. Who are you talking to? Rory. Rory? He’s my new friend. Oh, really? Yes. You want to see him? Yeah, uhhuh. How? With this. When the music stops, you see him in the mirror, standing behind you. Okay. But you have to twist the key. Okay. Boo, Mommy, woah! Gotcha! Heart attack! Well, okay, I guess Rory doesn’t wanna see me, huh? Oh, well, can we play hide and clap? Hide and clap owh, honey. Please! Nobody ever lets me play. Okay, okay. Remember, you get to ask me for three claps. Okay. One. Athlete Girl Dress Up Two. Athlete Girl Dress Up Three. I’m gonna go hide now. Four.Athlete Girl Dress Up Five, Six. Athlete Girl Dress Up Seven. Eight. Nine. Ten. First clap! Dress Up Game Second clap! Dress Up Game.. I’m.. Dress Up Game.. Alright, I know where you’re hiding. Give me the third clap! I’m gonna get you now. I can hear you breathing! Dress Up Game.. Dress Up Game..

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