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Ariel Wedding Dream Adventure

Ariel Wedding Dream Adventure


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Ariel Wedding Dream Adventure Description

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They are paid for this and still complain. It’s normal nowadays! Good morning Mr. Antonio. Hi Marisa. The bus was late again today, and I had to wait over half an hour. Yes, the bus! Beautiful, beautiful! Divine! May I, Prince? We haven’t started yet and I feel so tired already. Same for me. What did you put inside the box? What did I put?! The usual stuff! It weighs a ton. . Hold it yourself, I can’t hold it anymore. Ok. He even left the key in the keyhole. Knock again. Can we come in? Prince! Someone has already read this newspaper. I can tell from how it’s folded. You know that I want to be the first to read the newspaper in the morning. It’s mine! Can we? I buy it, with own my money. Can we? Fine, let’s pretend nothing happened. You hear him? Who’s he talking to? No one. He’s mad then! No, he believes there’s ghosts here, so he talks to them. So I said: he’s mad. Good morning Mr. Prince. Oh, finally! About time. Finally Mr. Augusto decided to send you. It’s been two days without washing. I’m so dirty. How come this boiler crashes so often? It’s not me who breaks it. I know who it must be! Here we go, always blaming us. Your place was not on that plumber’s box Radio Marilyn! You like her? Beautiful, huh? Now that she’s divorced, who knows? There it is. It doesn’t work, it’s broken. God knows what’s wrong with it. The flame burns but it’s weak. It draws back and turns off immediately. Let’s have a look at it. Give me the screwdriver. Hey, you lost Marilyn! Stop joking and take it out. Maybe it fell down. I guess the ghosts are breaking it for fun. There’s no other explanation. Mr. Prince, he doesn’t believe it. He thinks I’m stupid. Tell him, please! Is it true that ghosts exist? These two are mocking him. Of course they exist. There are thousands in Rome alone. And where are they? Everywhere, especially in old houses like this one. In the attics, in the closets, I don’t know. Have you ever heard a closet creak? People say: There’s a woodworm inside. Yeah, a woodworm! There is a ghost in the closet! I’ll tell you this.

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