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Annasophia Robb Celebrity Dressup Adventure

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  • Annasophia Robb Celebrity Dressup Adventure

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    Annasophia Robb Celebrity Dressup Adventure Description

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    Including tip. What else is on the card? Car. Oh, look. A fur coat for your mom. Yeah, well, you bought stuff for your dad. I see the diamond ring. Our credit card bill is $,.! Sounds about right. How? I thought you said we had ,. Yeah, but that’s in “in money,” not “out money.” So we owe, ballpark, $,? Better than . And we owe a $, prize. So, ballpark, . ‘Kay. How are the selfies coming in? Three today. Three. Well, someone’s asleep at the wheel. And someone has got the credit card gas pedal to the floor! Don’t you copy my metaphors. Car… you. Dad clothes… you. Diamond ring… you. Mink coat… you! Meet the judges party… You. Comping girls… you! Oh, yeah, well, someone has been slackin’. You! What? Where are all your ideas? We all know you’re the idea man. I’m just the cohort! I’m fresh out of ideas. Harris here. Hey, Harris. What’s up? Chub! You’re on speaker. Bone’s here. Nothing really. Just seeing how your “selfie shootout” website’s doin’. You know, the more selfies, the better for our drink. Not so hot. Only three. Oh, that’s too bad. Our international sites are gangbusters. Selfies through the roof. Japan, Nigeria… Gangbusters. Japan and Nigeria? Through the roof! I tell you, those Japanese, they love their selfies. And Denmark? Why, that’s a tidy little market. That’s the same as our website. Chub? Chub? Got to go, guy. Oh. All right. Where exactly is “nigh-jerryia”? What difference does it make? India. Why didn’t I think of any of this? This is why we’re not getting selfies. Competition. All the websites are exactly the same as ours. No monopoly, no profit. We’ve got to get back on that profit train. Let’s research capitalism. What? Think about it. Capitalism equals making money. Makes sense to me. Yep. U.S.P…. Unique selling proposition. We just need something to make us special so we can get the girls from Nigeria, Japan, Denmark to come back to us. Yeah, ’cause if we’re unique, then we’ll control the selfie market. Yep, and he who controls selfies… Controls… Selfies. Pure unadulterated power.

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