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Anna’s Valentine Baby Adventure

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  • Anna’s Valentine Baby Adventure

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    Anna’s Valentine Baby Adventure Description

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    I can’t remember all I’ve done. I know towards the evening I was being pursued but I couldn’t see who the villains were. Then the air-raid warning went. I refused to take shelter. Wherever I went, I seemed to hear a woman crying. Then, suddenly, I had a clear image of my father on the beach near Lowestoft. An actor? he said, Never. You will be a boat builder like me. But I defied him and lost his love. Father preferred people to cower. But I had to chart my own course. I decide when I’m ready for the scrapyard. Not you. I. No-one else. I. The woman you heard crying was me. Norman! Sir. I want you by me, Norman. Yes, sir. Don’t leave my side, Norman. No, sir. I shall need help, Norman. Yes, sir. Madge. You speak to him. He doesn’t listen to a word I say. He’s obviously incapable. You look exhausted. That’s what I call tact. Are you sure you’re able to go on tonight? How long have you been with me? Longer than anyone else. Have I ever missed a performance? No, but then you’ve never been ill. I only want what’s best for you. What’s best for Sir is that he’s allowed to get ready. Ready, yes, I must get ready. HE WHIMPERS Ready for what? If you’ll excuse me, Your Ladyship, shouldn’t you be getting ready too? I can’t bear to see him like that. Then best to leave us. I’ve had experience of these things. I know what has to be done. Imagine waking to that night after night. SHE CHUCKLES Right, shall we begin at the beginning? Good evening, Sir. Good evening, Norman. And how are you this evening, Sir? A little tearful, I’m afraid. And you, Norman? Oh, I’m very well, thank you. I’ve had ever such a quiet day, just ironing your costumes, cleaning your wig and beard, washing your undies. And what have you been up to, Sir, if I may ask? Oh, I’ve been jumping on my hat, Norman. Have you? Well, that’s an odd thing to do. May one ask why? Why what, Norman? Why have we been jumping on our hat, Sir? SIR GRUMBLES Shall we play I -Spy? I spy with my little eye something beginning with game A. I know you won’t guess, so I’ll tell you.

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