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Anna’s Cool Spa Day

Anna’s Cool Spa Day


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Anna’s Cool Spa Day Description

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A sitting room and a dining room. A garden and a shed. Don’t forget the hall. And the bathroom! Luxury! Oh! THEY LAUGH CHURCH BELLS TOLL Yes, that’s it. Hold it. Hold to that they are, if you could. That’s it, lovely. That’s it, Mrs Briggs. Lovely. Very nice. Now, hold there. Hold it there. Big smiles. We’ll have one more of those. Go on, Ern. Let’s see a kiss for the bride. Go on, Ern. CHEERING Yeah, one more. One more, please, everybody. JAZZY TUNE PLAYS Ooh What a little moonlight can do. Isn’t the bedroom huge? We’ll need some cases under the bed for our clothes. A wardrobe, Ernest! Oh. Oh, yes. Of course. HE WHISTLES IN HIGH-PITCHED VOICE: Good morning, Madam. How many today, please? Just you keep off my clean step, young man. HE LAUGHS Oh! SHE LAUGHS Oh, Ernest. I got a round that finishes down our road, Ette. That’s nice, dear. I should be done about and then I can get going on that old range. SQUEAKING HE GRUNTS I’ll be glad to see the back of that thing. It’s a pig, duck. One of those nice, new gas cookers, that’s what we need. Oh! CLANGING Careful, Ernest! Whoa-oh! Any old iron, any old iron Any, any, any old iron You look neat, talk about a treat You look dapper from your napper to your feet Games Ernest, don’t sing those dreadful cockney songs. Dressed in style, brand-new tile And your father’s old green tie on But I wouldn’t give you tuppence for you old watch and chain Old iron, old iron. HE HUMS All right! CLANGING Hey! Oh. SHE COUGHS That’s done the job. GRUNTING AND SCRAPING That’s it, smashing bed. Nearly new. Mahogany, I think. Whoop! Good springs, look. Newlyweds need good springs. SHE GASPS Come and try it out, darling. Certainly not, Ernest. It’s broad daylight. HE LAUGHS I finished a new draining board, darling! Oh, lovely. Fits over the edge. Removable before cleaning. What, with that and the new cooker Games We’re in clover! SHE LAUGHS There. Bang on! Ugh! It says here over two million unemployed. I’m lucky to be a milkman, Ette. I hate coal under the stairs. Coal dust gets everywhere and it’s so common.

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