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Anna’s Valentine Baby 2

Anna’s Valentine Baby 2


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Anna’s Valentine Baby 2 Description

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Anna’s Valentine Baby 2 Wait. Mr. Braddock. Wait. I didn’t talk to ’em, Mitch. Didn’t have time. Fair old reward though, isn’t it? Have to be careful. Want a drink? Shall we watch the game? That’s my team, Mitch. Hawthorn. They’re losing. Two points for Edwards at the sevenandahalf minute mark game of the second, quarter of the elimination final for game and, the Blues still bouncing back. Everything all right, Mr. Braddock? Aw, look. She’s terrified. Don’t worry. You’re game You’re in safe hands. She doesn’t understand a word I’m saying. Do you want me to translate? No. She’s a pretty little thing, isn’t she? She’s wasted on that Aussie. Now you’d have thought he’d taught her a bit of English. Do you speak any English? Qué? English. Do you speak any English? Oh. Yes. English. Fair dinkum. Jesus. I’m horny. Well, it’s coming along. I think she’s taken a fancy to me. Wait here. Out. Come on. Out. Qué pasa? No! What are you doing? What does it look like I’m doing? We can’t take her with us, and we can’t let her go. ¡Oye! Mira. Margarita. Por qué? Así es la vida. Por qué? But what about Harry? He’ll talk as soon as he finds out. Harry’s dead. What? So we don’t need her. You. Get away from her. No. No. No! Take ’em both to the car. He should have killed them both together in the flat. I don’t know. It’s supposed to be quick, clean work. Look at him now. Australians, women. It’s not his fault. It’s an accident. Yeah, but he’s not meant to have accidents. Perhaps he’s slipping. Yeah, well, I ain’t slipping. Well, I’m counting on that, son. Get inside. You all right, Mr. Braddock? Dios. The grass was trying to wind me up. I told him. Shut him up. We’ll take care of her later? When it’s dark. You sure we gotta take care of her? I mean, we can’t just find somewhere quiet, let her go? I ain’t going soft or nothing. She’s seen me. It’s gonna be all right, innit, Mr. Braddock? Sure. I don’t understand what she’s saying. She wants to stop, do some shopping. What? She needs to get some new clothes. What for? She had a bit of an accident back there. Christ.

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