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Anna’s Cool Spa

Anna’s Cool Spa


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Anna’s Cool Spa Description

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Anna’s Cool Spa I’m very sorry Just forget it Uncle Vova, may I stay the night at your place when we get back? Of course You know what, Tolik? You can move in with me Nah, mom wouldn’t like it What’s the number? Twentyseven in the Spiral, in the Tentura Your mom can move in, too Uncle Vova, is Ziegenbogen a banker? No, a flutist Mama, mama, what am I to do? Mama, mama, how am I going to live? Uncle Vova, look. My jacket and your coat Were they the ones who stole our matches? Yes, that’s them Crimson pants. They’ll throw you in an etsikh with nails for life! Tolik, don’t I’ll be right back Mama, mama, what am I to do? Mama, mama, how am I going to live? Hi Hi I forgive you the ketses but you’re going to have to return our jacket and coat Game! Have some pride. Stop chasing after him Can’t trick me, lady. It’s a pirated mirage Then tell your mirage that decent girls wear tsaks in their noses instead of the navel And only one, not five Gentlemen, one moment please Bravo, maestro! Hail, Earthling! If you ever set foot on this miserable planet know that the first visitors from Earth were Tolik Tsarapkin and his uncle, a famous cellist, Vladimir Game Well, that’s that Patsak, where is he, your Hiawatha? He’s in the etsikh And the other two? Them too That’ll teach him to scare the planet “Rocked him in his linden cradle” Damn acrophobes Quiet now Hello, tin man Did they let you go? They stole the match and hit me in the eye Is that our fiddle? It’s mine now. I glued it back together Help me fetch the cage Why? We’ll perform, make some money to bail our guys out. Let’s go Tsarapkin, I’ve gone solo I don’t need anyone Shove off. Don’t mess up my act Give me the fiddle No way I’m asking you nicely Don’t come any closer, Patsak, or I’ll poke you! Oh really? Jerk! I wish I could smash the fiddle against his head, too Don’t think about that, Tsarapkin! Think about the goose instead Or about Lida Game from the ninth grade Honkhonkhonk! Idiot You should have seen the pepelats he bought with our match! A triple microtsapa with a magnetozur Aromatic spiral bolts

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