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Anna and Kristoff’s Time

Anna and Kristoff’s Time


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Anna and Kristoff’s Time Description

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I think my lung’s ed. OK, mate. I need you to lean on your side, don’t let any shit drain into the good one, yeah. Lean up on that rock there. Tug, please. Stu, have a pen, yeah? Find somewhere soft, give it ten. That’s your lot, alright? Thanks, mate. What are we going to do with you? , you. Alright, mate. Alright, OK. Where’s the blood going? You’re alright, pal. I got you. Bite down. Game You only stay with us now, OK? Lad it’s alright. Yeah, take it easy now, alright. Hold on a minute. Any minute the helicopter’s gonna come, right? Stay with us, now, OK? Prosser, are we ready? Hold on. Alright, lads. ZAP numbers on my say, yeah. Give the medics a head start. Half a job, Ken. Could have done it a lot better myself, but it’ll do for now. It still hurts! You’ve had your left pin nipped off, pal. It’s meant to hurt, but the morphine’ll kick in soon, yeah. Er. OK, OK, go. Alright, Stu. Go, pal. I cannae Game I cannae remember. Don’t be a bender, Stu. It’s important information, it could save your life, pal. Cool it, Mark, cool it, Mark, cool it. Stu, go! Pearson, Corporal, SH, Para Game Papa, six four three nine. P, left peg. Sorry, sorry, wait, Papa what? Papa six four three nine. OK, and a, a left, what? Jesus Christ, anyone here speak gangsta? Sorry. Right. Got it now. Ken, you’re up next, pal. Go on. Barlow. Fusilier. How about you, mate? How you doing? AL. RRF. Yeah, I’m alright. I think I might get a tan out of this, though. Here. Bravo five Game Keep an eye on Stu, yeah. He’s all over the shop. He’s slamming the morphine sticks like they’re voddies. How’s it look? Barlow, Fusilier, AL, RRF. AL? Thought you were called Ken? Bravo five three seven six Game P. My name’s Andy. Why you called Ken? Don’t be a spaz, Tug. Ken Barlow? Ken Barlow? Ken Barlow! OK, OK, pal. Alright, alright. Here you are, Stu, pal. Let’s get some water on board. Hey. What, pal? What’s your name, scalie? Jonesy, Jones. It’s a shit nickname. You do any better? Stu. That’s not a nickname. Stu Hale. Haley. I, er Game I tried to get them to go for Halo.

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