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Anna and Kristoff’s Date Time

Anna and Kristoff’s Date Time


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Anna and Kristoff’s Date Time Description

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Anna and Kristoff’s Date Time And today’s the first of the month. I get a dollar an hour for this particular brand of streetwalking. I need two bucks so I’m going to walk for two hours. Would you like to hear the story of my life? I’d love to. What are you doing this afternoon? Anything that appeals to me. I’m in suite at The Towers. Ha? The number is on on the door. Where’s Bill? Out somewhere. Where? I don’t know. That’s a fine man you picked yourself, kid. Yeah, well he suits me. Yeah, but do you suit him? You wouldn’t think so the way he’s always playing you down. Crabbing how skinny you are. Well I am skinny, No you’re not. You’re slim. But not skinny. I know what I’m talking about. You better not let Bill find that out. He’s got a temper he has. He’s likely to break you in half. Right smack in half. Oh no he won’t. Bill’s too busy. Busy with what? All I know is there’s been a blond actress been on his trail lately. Well, what about it? You don’t care if he goes out with other women? He can go out with forty women if he wants to. I’ve got him. Not that I believe you. Bill’s no cheat. If he wanted anyone else, he’d come to me first and tell me about it. Well, if he ever does, you know where I’m at. You? If I’d never met Bill and you were the last person in the world you couldn’t get me. Now, how do you like that? Swell. Gives me something to work on. Different men work in different ways. Me, I got one principle. Take your time. I don’t want to listen to you anymore. Get out of here Bragg, and stay out! Sure. There’s no hurry. So, when you served those papers on me. You let me in for a suit for , smackers for “alienation of affection”. What do you want to go around alienating affections for? Well, the guy angeled my act. Can’t get backing without some kind of an I.O.U. What do you want from me? More backing? No.. you’re not the angel type. What’s the party for, then? Just to get acquainted. You certainly shut up the guys that were meant to keep the bailiffs away from me. Midgets! Well, I gave them the boot. I’m in the market for a new bodyguard now.

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