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An important Super girl

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  • An important Super girl

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    DRAMATIC MUSIC PLAYING All right, this is it! You ready? Go! SOFT MUSIC PLAYING Oh. Oh, my god. Are you okay? Oh, I need a minute. I need a minute. Okay. Oh! [KAPLAN] Oh, I’m gonna throw up. Hey, Gina Games Come here. You come here. BOTH COUGHING [KAPLAN] Why every time? [GINA] Yeah, damn it. SOFT MUSIC PLAYING EERIE MUSIC PLAYING In my times, woman, don’t be amazed, it was all another way, and the widows carried their names, with a lot of honor.. Today they don’t respect their names, LADIES This is not for gentlemen Thanks for calling me one. Even if you aren’t, I’ve got to call you some way. Julieta Games Octavio! Yes, Julieta. What are you doing here? Hiding. What are you saying? I’m being pursued, Julieta. It’s been three days a man in black eyeglasses won’t stop following me. I came into the cinema thinking I would mislead him, but there he is. What have you done? I escaped from being murdered at the post office like they did to Armando Ruelas. They murdered Armando Ruelas? Unbelievable! You will tell me everything, but for now let’s get out of here. But how? The one following me is at the door, and I must pick some documents tonight at the post office, without anyone noticing. We had a secret comission to achieve. Ruelas is dead, do you understand? Is the one after you a police officer? No. He’s one of the gun-men working for governor Vidal. SECURITY EXIT Yes, I have him right here, boss. And, believe me or not, in the ladies’ bathroom. What times are these Mister Simon! In my times the theme of actuality Games was that of the revolution. well from the north or south they all came Games like a seducer, love what times are these mister Simon! SECURITY EXIT what times are these mister Simon! Come. You are the same Octavio, after all this time. And you, Julieta. I am not the same anymore. Is that because you are now a married woman? It’s not only that. Aren’t you happy? No. You have done everything you wanted to do in life when we were students, you made very fastly, that which some call,

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