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An important girl

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  • An important girl

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    .You just get your company commander on the end ‘and the duckboard does the rest. ‘Every time a blighty! ‘That’s our promise. Remember ‘if once he steps onto the end, ‘to take a month his face to mend.’ Thank you, “tip me up” duckboard. Excellent work, dress up game. When can we roll the pressers? Soon as it eases off a bit, dress up games. Surely you’re not bothered by a spot of rain? No. It’s more the bombardment, dress up games. Fritz is getting a bit too close to the print room to be pleasant. Well, when Herman knocks off for his evening sausage let’s print the blighter. Everything all right? I’m fine, Sar’nt. Not you, the print blocks. Get in there. Don’t get your hand caught in the plate, Dodd. Or you’ll come a cropper. A phrase, incidentally, derived from the printing presses of HS Cropper. Do you know that? That’s very interesting, Sar’nt. As is the phrase “mind your Ps and Qs”. It comes from a common mistaking of the P for the Q in a tray of type. That’s even more interesting, Sar’nt. Whereas, the expression “get the wrong end of the stick”, that comes from grabbing the wrong end of the compositing stick and getting your hand covered in ink. It means thinking you’re being interesting when really Yes, Henderson? Very, very interesting indeed, Sar’nt. Correct. Right, here we go. Grab it, Smith. There it is, Sar’nt. Now, the result, if I say it myself, is a thing of beauty. Unlike any of you lot.

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