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Amazing pretty Time

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  • Amazing pretty Time

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    Just recently… Sometimes I like to ask him about music, about what kids are listening to nowadays, about rappers… I ask him, “Hey…” His name is Taymas. I go, “Taymas, can you tell me what’s so great about this Kendrick Lamar?” Monika, Kendrick Lamar… Let Fatih explain it to you after the show. He is… Anyway, doesn’t matter. He’s some rapper who is hyped in the US. So I’m asking my cousin, “Why is Kendrick Lamar so famous? What is so different about him? Why is he better than other rappers? Explain it to me.” And he says to me, “Enissa, he’s just a Pisko, dude.” I go, “Excuse me, what is he?” He says, “He’s a Pisko!” I go, “What is a Pisko? What… Is it something good or bad? Is he sick? What is it?” And he says, “No, man, he’s a Pisko, like a psycho, like extreme!” I go, “What? Is he good extreme or bad extreme? Should we collect donations or…” Seriously, how would I know? The way young people talk today… “He’s a Pisko, Enissa.” Then I go, “Come on, Taymas, please. Just explain it to me. I’d like to know, because everyone says…

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