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    still selling? No, even the yakuza are backing off. So where do you go to sell? To the Rotary Club and to retailers. There are no drugs or pushers in the Rotary Club! That’s why I’m saying that it’s all fucked up. I’ve got hydroponic weed for fuck’s sake! Why do I have to sell it to students? No halfmeasures! Where are the dealers? They deliver everything now. They don’t leave their flats anymore. It sucks. With all the technology, you’re permanently under surveillance. It’s a trap! There’s some left. No thanks. And you? No more. You? Ok. It’s time. Let’s go back. Let’s tidy up and go. Ok. Boss, who’s going to drive though? That’s true Dress Up Games Let’s call the transport service. This city is dead Dress Up Games I’m thinking of holding an event in Tokyo. Cool. Could All Love Stories Dress Up Games Village come to Tokyo? You’ll go places, I’m sure. I have a friend who owns a label over there. I’ll introduce you. Really? Super. But how do you know him? When I moved to Tokyo, I used to hang out a lot, took part in events Dress Up Games I met many talented people, who organize parties on Goa, Ibiza, everywhere! Each of them has their own philosophy. Mahiru Dress Up Games Mahiru, you disappeared after that story. I was very Dress Up Games very worried about you. I felt really guilty. But now you seem to do better, you got through all that. You’re not at all like you used to be. It’s nice of you to have been worried. You know that I liked you, Amanotty, and when the boss caught me, I was afraid for you also. You didn’t do anything wrong. All that you gave me: bread, food, washing liquid, toilet paper, magazines Dress Up Games Well Dress Up Games My father went bankrupt, it was a hard time.All Love Stories I got paranoid. Everyone was my enemy. There was nothing positive. I survived thanks to you. Thanks a lot.All Love Stories I’ll always be by your side. There’s something I discovered: there are no enemies! At the Full Moon Party, when I’m dancing, I feel that neither race nor nationality divides us! I can imagine Dress Up Games

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