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All Love Stories Adventure

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  • All Love Stories Adventure

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    dad’s Games expectations. See you. Monsters are not accepted in the human world. If any of them crossed the border, we used to have the Monster Hunt Bureau take care of them. And they did such a good job that people nowadays don’t know monsters even exist Since the last dynasty, almost all monsters crossing the border were caught. The Monster Hunt Bureau Games became useless and dosed. Great monster hunters like you turned into normal people Games and served small businessmen like me. You were totally wronged. Now, your time has come! If one of you Games can grab the expected baby monster king, the monster world will be in chaos Games and monsters will flee all over. the emperor must rely on you all to suppress them. The Monster Hunt Bureau will be strong again. Come on. Let’s toast to our great to fortune. Cheers! Cheers! I was so awesome. I hit his belly with my head. You didn’t see how Games how are you? Smells delicious! We can have something to eat. Right, my restaurant is that way. We offer high-quality herbal tea. And we have our signature dish, duck blood pudding. Stop chatting with this limp. We’re in a hurry! Ignore him! He’s jealous Games when I pay attention to others. Because I’m his.. first love. Why do you tell that to everyone you meet? I won’t tell you anything anymore! He’s blushing! See, he looks so cute when he blushes! You’re mean and crazy! Let’s go! He’s not going, but I will. Fine, fine, fine! I’ll go. Our Yongning Village Games hasn’t had visitors for ages. Can you tell me.. about your adventures? Sure. I’ll tell you while I eat you Games your food. This way. Here we are Games Please take a seat. Let me Games I will get you some water. Thanks. What would you like to order? Is there any human meat.. or human liver? It’s only me here. How about eating me first? I’ll bring you the duck blood pudding. No one is allowed to leave. Right, no one. Lady, what’s your problem? Tell me your names! Song Games Song Tianyin. Not you. I’m the gorgeous, elegant and coolest Lily.

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