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    Ladies and gentlemen, your host, Voz! My fellow travelers, my friends, I proudly present the Millennium Game ready to launch right on schedule. Now before long, we’ll be transported to the heavens on a maiden voyage of Titanic proportion. And once the world is purged, we’ll return to bring about a new world together! In a moment, the boarding process will begin. But first, my friends, prepare for infinity! Reveal your new selves to me! Why don’t you tell them the truth? Tell them you orchestrated all this. The missiles, the heart. Would someone please help the help? He seems to be lost. Tell them if the world ends, you’re the one who ended it. How can this be? This isn’t supposed to be happening. No, this isn’t supposed to be Game I never saw this. Machete happens. Look, this is no time for second thoughts. The end is near, I assure you. For you. Let’s do this. Well, ladies and gents, I had hoped to have an uninhibited evening, but now it seems Game Guards! What about Voz? We find the heart first. After you, chief. Motherers! What the beating is that? Yeah, I’m more of a cherry bomb, matchstick kind of guy, you know. Semtex, TNT. Game shot on a good day. But this Game I mean, high octane organs ain’t my bag. Then what good are you? Never mind. We’re live. It’s a shame I have to kill you now, Mr. Machete, but if you gotta go, go inside Game out. No! We’re even. Well, what can I say? I suppose we both like getting our hands a little dirty. You can’t beat me, you know. I know your every move even before you do. Nobody knows Machete. That’s true. Ever since I met you, the future has been more unclear, and that, that puzzles me. But then I figured it out. There’s just not a whole lot going on up there, is there?

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