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Airplane Slacking Tİme

Airplane Slacking Tİme


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Airplane Slacking Tİme Description

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Airplane Slacking Tİme You piss me off! Nothing I do is ever good enough! ! What? You’re bleeding. Shit! Van Gogh! What came over me? I don’t understand a thing. Welcome to the club. I have a jurist friend who specializes in immigration law. He says, if we act quickly, given the age difference and her Mafioso country, we could easily prove a rigged marriage. Tatiana will never get her papers. What are you talking about? A little visit to the precinct is all it takes. A little visit? Are you talking about denouncing them? Arnaud, are you kidding? Can you see us denouncing anyone? Of course not. I just say that so you know the leeway we have. But denouncing someone isn’t leeway. It’s game It’s just filthy. You know game what you said before game Well, it’s true. I didn’t defend you at the time. I didn’t even think to question Dad’s decision. And to be completely honest, maybe I was even happy. To be the good girl, the good student game I don’t know. Pretty lousy, huh? Really lousy. What are you doing? We’re having dinner at my parent’s. Tonight? Yes! It’s been planned for weeks. Hurry, we’re due there at o’clock. Rémi game I’m not going. I don’t feel like it. I’ve had enough of all that shit, of bullshitting myself game Let’s take a break. A break? Yeah, let’s take a break. I need to game to be alone, to get my bearings. To be alone and think. Can’t we talk this over after dinner? No, I have to think now. I need to be alone right away. Wouldn’t you rather go to my place? Or a hotel? Why? We’re fine here. How many slices of toast? Four. You still sulking? You’re burning up. Look at me. You can’t go to the office. But I’m swamped with work. Go back to bed. I’ll call Mrs. Delbard. Where could I have caught this? At your dad’s? That old egotist does this to you. He’s not at all an old egotist. Gimme a break. All he wanted in life was to be useful and to bring about progress. And never paid attention to those around him. Let’s just say he had a vision. Not necessarily a more abstract vision, but a broader one. He was impossible to live with but he certainly wasn’t an egotist.

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