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    I see games Okay, if you see anything but black, let me know your secret ’cause them eyes ain’t got no curtains you know what I mean? All right, close your eyes. Now walk forward. Slow, be calm. Hear it. Feel your surroundings. Wow. Wow, that was, that games whoa. Wow. That was far out. Each member of this rogue wolf pack is a master of vulnerabilities, so no matter what you learn here today, no matter games Lesson over. Sorry. Dawn games Listen, kid, when your girlfriend is an unstoppable killing machine, give her all the space she needs. Scared the hell outta me. Henrick. Henrick, we grow tired of waiting, and Sin’s patience has worn thin. Maybe you’re not grasping the importance of the order of things. We bring you lab rats and you give us what we need. There’s no room for personal feelings. Like I told your traveling freak show before, I’m moving as fast as I can, slick. And you tell Sin I will not be intimidated. If fear is the catalyst you seek, then allow me to oblige. You think this is about the destruction of our species? This is about the survival of mankind. Kalo! Kalo has a very special ability. They say that her pack travel in swarms devouring everything in their path. They bonded, one to another. Each fiber of their being using their connection to control the elements, the life force. One body, one soul. The girl, the girl’s here. I can feel her presence. There’s something else. An element I’ve never felt before. Something games Powerful. Finish it. This can’t be the same place, can it? Dawn? Go away. This is just a dream, Dawn. What do you want, Chase? I just want games To be honest games I don’t know what I want. This shit, it’s all crazy. You’re weird, and I’m weird. You’re a killer, a wolf, a fairy? I don’t know, but it scares the hell out of me. Yet here I am. So maybe I have some things I have to sort out, deal with. Or maybe I just need you. I’m only here for this moment, Chase. I’m not real. You seem real to me. You have so much in you you can’t see. It’s driving you crazy. Literally insane.

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