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    .Topnotch cathedral which, sadly, I didn’t have time to visit. Here, fromage. dress up game. Merci. Fromage Bleu. dress up game, merci buckets 90s style. But Madame dress up gameassures me it’s one of the finest examples of Gothic Architecture in Northern France. And Madame dress up gameis? Absolutely charming. Runs a delightful little club where if you buy a bottle of champagne, the girls very kindly agree to sit on your knee. dress up game. You really must go there. In fact, everyone must go there 90s style. I’m giving all ranks one day’s leave in Amiens. And that’s an order! It’s a bit far, isn’t it? It won’t be  we’re on the move again. Really? Where to? You’ll love it, apparently it’s very pretty, indeed. dress up game, capital. What’s it called? The Somme. Zero minus three. I’m sorry, Jack, this issue’s a bit thin. Not even sure we’ll make the deadline. Well, we have had other calls on our time. Perhaps we should wait and bring it out after the grand show 90s style. No. I think sooner is better than later 90s style. A harpsichord of hate performed to an audience of terrified Teutons. I rather like that. 

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