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60s Fashion Style

60s Fashion Style


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60s Fashion Style Description

60s Fashion Style, 60s Fashion Style Games, Play 60s Fashion Style Games

60s Fashion Style Mary is not on. What idiots. I’m sick. Where are you? Are you coming? I can not, I’m quite far away. Quite far? Where then, damn it? Number ? It’s my turn. it all. I’m not going in there. Ody, calm down. Chill out. Sing as Jenny has taught you, and it will work. Think about her. Hurry up. Are you the ? Come in. I’m going in now. Bravo. Bravo. Do not hang up. I want to listen you. This is not allowed. Invent something, this was already allowed. Tell your grandfather was sick or this kind of stuff. Please, do not hang up. I want to hear. Keep your mouth shut! Ody, do you hear me? Okay, hang in there. Hello. My name is Odysseas. You are from Albania? Yes. This is a very Greek name. Yes. I was born in Crete and game And what? Nothing. I’m kind of excited. That’s normal. And what will you sing? An Italian song from the s, “Tutt’al più”. From Patty Pravo. How do you know her? It’s a long story. Why do you need the phone? It’s for my brother. Cell phones are prohibited. He is sick. He is in Crete. Very sick. Without him I would not be here. He has trained me. Okay, good improvement for your brother. We are ready. Shut up and listen. Will you see me With the cold you never had And maybe you’ll do so As if you don’t know my name Maybe you’ll even call me mister At best, are you going to ask me how many women I have had to forget you But you know very well that a boy like me isn’t kidding with love has never been joking with love At best, you’re going to insult me and then I send me away and tell me that you’re no longer interested at a boy Who only was there to amuse you a little and so I will go and you’ll chase me beg my pardon and caress me You remember my name and that what has been was perhaps true was perhaps true At best, I’ll find you along with whom occupied my place So then that’s it Bravo, dude. You were incredible. Can you hear me? Ody, do you hear me? Clap! I said, clap! We shall what? Odysseas has it like your brother? Talk to him. Is he still on the phone? Hello? Dany, you still there? Gossip! That’s enough.

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