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60s Fashion And Beauty

60s Fashion And Beauty


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60s Fashion And Beauty Description

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Game dressing to the knee. Tug. Tug, I’m out of dressings, mate. Grab a stretcher, buddy. There’s still dripping on the stump here, mate. OK, everybody. Nothing left, mate, at all. Shut the up, now! Jar Head, get them buttons done. Tell me what’s going on, pal. Alright, um, right leg as you see it, mate Er, right hand. Yeah. Damage to left leg. Yeah. Er, says his right knee’s giving him jip, too. I’ve strapped it off, given him a pen of morphine, marked it up. I’m shit out of med kit now, mate. Right, Jay? SITREP, mate. I applied a second tourniquet. Erm, I’ve wrapped it up Game We’ve got deep ground all round, buddy. I’ve got the OP keeping an eye on us, but we don’t want to get taken by surprise. Alright. Nicely done, lads. Further mine threat? knows. We need to assume there is. Extraction? I’ve asked for a winch. Good job. Right lads, listen in. We’ve a bloke on his arse so let’s make him comfortable. Smudge, get some cover on him, mate. Luke join Foreman on stag. Kenny, you mucker mark the safe route in, clear the area around Stu. Check your immediate space, fellas. Stand only on proven safe route. Jonesy get on Athens, check on cas evac. Right, Stuart Game Stick your ball Game ball your hand on my fist, yeah? Dave. Nobody else in or out without my say so, buddy, alright? What’s our call sign? Kilo Two Bravo, mate. But you won’t get any response from that one. Just try it! Hello Kilo Five, this is Kilo Two. Bravo, over. Hello Kilo Five, this is Kilo Two Bravo. Radio check, over. Always get the crap jobs, Ken. Down the wadi. Follow the goat track. We got comms. Hey, radio check when you’re in. Alright lads, this isn’t working, we need to get that bergen underneath his knee, keep it elevated, yeah. Smudge? Cool. Let’s get this med pack underneath his head, Jarhead. Yeah, just watch his spine, pal. Cheers. Tanning tips for redheads? Woah, woah, woah, woah wait. I think I found something. No, it’s just a rock. Jesus, Ken. Hey, hey Game I’m sorry lads, I’m sorry. Come on, listen. It’s important that we clear the rocks out as well.

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