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60s Fashion And Beauty Time

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  • 60s Fashion And Beauty Time

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    My mother was so loved when I was born. But that didn’t last long. Father found a new woman soon after that. My mother was pushed aside right away. Then she was bullied by the other wives. She couldn’t handle it. Soon, she developed depression. In the end, she hung herself. I was only . I wanted to escape everything. So I went to France to study film. Making a film is like being in a dream. I never want to stop dreaming. Go back. This is the underworld. Once I pass this bridge, I’ll be reincarnated into my next life. I don’t want you to leave. Thank you Games for giving me this beautiful dream. If I can.. I would stay in this dream forever. I’m a ghost. You’re human. We’re not meant to be together. We can’t spend this life together Games but we’ll be together in the next. We must be together in the next life! Once I drink Meng Po’s soup and cross the bridge, the memories of this life will be purged. Brothers, you can finally rest in peace. It’ll be over soon. Two shows added tomorrow. Got it. Mr. Wu. Great news, Mr. Gu. Tickets to the premiere were sold out in less than an hour! Mr. Huang says that you’ve saved our theater! Mr. Wu. Can you save a ticket for me? Of course! I’ll find a way. Thank you. When you invited Young Master to dinner did he make excuses not to come? Young master seems to be in a good mood today. He agreed right away. He says that he has good news for you. Good news? I have some good news for him, too. Young Master. Sir. I’m here today to deliver some good news. I’ve finished my film, and I did it without your interference. Here’s a ticket. Please come see my film. Look at this little brat. He’s grown into an adult. I’m glad to see that you two are getting along. I’ll take my leave. Wei Bang. I also have good news to tell you. Si Fan Games Speak of the devil! How gorgeous! I will take Si Fan as my sixth wife. I’ve promised her that she will be my last wife. What is he talking about, Si Fan? Aren’t you happy for us? Wei Bang Games Si Fan was the leading lady of your film. Now that the film’s done, she is to become your stepmother.

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