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2014 Clothing University

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  • 2014 Clothing University

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    And then at the last minute, this guy just, like, jumps in front of me and takes my cab. I go down to the subway. I’m waiting for the subway for, like, minutes. I get on, and after two stops, they stop it, and they say it’s ’cause of a sick passenger. Like, how much of a diva do you have to be to stop a whole train? The gumption, it’s crazy. I remember this place. Oh, my God. I love this rug. Are you sure you’re not gay? Pretty sure. Okay. Give it a second. Game You’re so hot. Game Thank you. Time out. Why don’t you make me a drink or something? Of course. I’m sorry. How rude of me. What would the lady like? The lady would like a glass of red wine if the gentleman has one. The lady’s in luck. I was so surprised when you called me. It’s been a very long time. I’m glad you picked up. So what was the deal with that girl? Is she your girlfriend? Yeah, that’s pretty much over. Well, I’m glad you called. Gives me an excuse to wear this brand Game new little dress I bought. I know. Yeah, I love this dress. Yeah. You don’t think it’s too short? Not at all. Really? You don’t think it’s, like, a little naughty? I don’t know. I do. I don’t think I should be allowed to go out like this, right? No, you shouldn’t. Go on. Go change your dress. But I don’t wanna change. Becky, did you hear me? I told you to go change, now. Game Or what? Game Becky, I said change your dress. you. I’m not a child anymore. Hey, this is my house. You’re ruled by my rules. Daddy, stop it! You’re hurting me. Becky, you gonna change your dress? No. You wanna be a big girl? Fine. I’ll treat you like a big girl. Game No, Daddy! Game Yeah. Game What are you doing? Stop. Game Yeah. You want me to stop, huh? Just say it. I’ll stop. Go ahead, tell me to stop. me. Yeah. Okay, now. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Come on, slap me. I’m not gonna slap you. Game in’ slap me. Game I said I’m not gonna slap you. Come on, in’ slap me, you pussy. I’m not into that. I’m not into that. Okay? Becky. Game in’ slap me. Come on!

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